A nice thank you for Sue from a happy Candidate!

October 2019

I am thankful for you Sue. I wouldn’t have gotten the job without you..

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Sue,
This is Rose. Today was my first day in my new position.
They are such a nice and friendly people.
Just want to say thank to you for finding me this company.
Have a great day : March 20th 2019

“Rachel was fantastic to work with and an outstanding recruiter. I was headhunted for a role I would never have considered and it turns out to be the best career move I have ever made! Professional, thorough and consistently going the extra mile are but just a few reasons that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rachel when recruiting new staff or indeed for anyone looking for a new career change.

As a recruiter, she  was professional, friendly, and always there to help throughout the process.  She supported me at each and every single step providing me with tips and best practice to succeed and called me to see how each stage of the interview went and was prompt in following up. I could not recommend Rachel more highly. Thank you!” (January 2018)

Testimonial – Sue Warner – March 2018

Hi Sue,

Please accept my appreciation for your help for the interview arrangement with *** Group and your excellent and professional advice and tips. I am so glad to have your support to look for my dream job.  

Thank you again for your help. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Liang (personal lines)

Testimonial – Rachel Li Hoevenaars (VP – Underwriting and Risk Management)
This note is meant to enunciate the top qualities Rachel has intrinsically built into her. She is a recruiter par excellence and above all, is also a top motivator. She is a person who does not give up in the face of adversity and places her clients in absolute comfort when faced with tough situation.
In the process of recruitment, there are several phases – initial prospecting, obtaining the mandate from employers, assessing the candidates, sending them for interview and finally giving them the good or bad news. All these steps in the recruitment process could be nerve wracking and energy zapping but Rachael is always smiling and is supportive thru written material and thru words. This is one of her unique attributes which makes one feel very motivated to work with her.
I had a chance to work with her during my career journey and out of several recruiters, she turned out to be the gold standard. She was always consistent with her approach, punctual, disciplined and knowledgeable about the process. She kept me informed at every step and always added value to the steps, be it, by tips for interview, providing feedback before or after interview. I have had my share of rejections and acceptance thru her but she always acted as a pillar of support for me. She is well educated in the insurance field and offers several years of experience working with top level companies. She is easy to talk to and able to understand the motivation of top quality candidates. With these type of attributes, it would be the wish list of every insurance candidate to work with her. I would say if you got her attention then you have already landed your dream job.
She is very successful in what she does but I am also positive that she will climb some of the highest ladders in the recruitment world due to her intrinsic top qualities. I wish her all success and hope to work with her again in the future. May all her wishes come true!

Rachel Hoevenaars, VP Underwriting & Risk Management at My Insurance Recruiter Inc.

Rachel helped me land my dream job! She was there for me and would update me even outside her regular work hours. She is professional, dedicated and caring. I cannot thank her enough for her personal dedication throughout this stressful hiring process.”

Jon Pinkerton– VP at My Insurance Recruiter.ca

Professionalism is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person”; and it defines a profession as “a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation.”

Some of the qualities that characterize professionalism include specialized knowledge in their field, competency, honesty and integrity, accountability, and self-regulation.,  Jon exceeds the expectations that these definitions create.

Throughout our interaction, Jon utilized his personal and professional expertise to qualify me, and assisted in directing me through the correct channels in order to present me as a match for a company in search of a licensed broker. Jon honoured her commitments in a courteous and timely manner, making himself available at all hours of the day, and ensured that I had all of the tools I needed in order to be successful.

If you anyone is ever looking for a professional in the  Insurance Recruiting  industry and has come across this testimonial, look no further than Jon Pinkerton.

When I first contacted My Insurance Recruiter and spoke to Sue Black-Warner, I was quite impressed with what their mandate was when matching the candidate wanting a career change with employers searching for qualified individuals. I appreciated the time Sue took to become very familiar with my experience, my strengths and weaknesses, along with what I was looking for. Sue handled matters so smoothly, providing sound advice during the transition period right up to the time I started with my new employer. It was such a joy dealing with Sue.

Thanks again Sue!



I would highly recommend Liz from my insurance brokers she is very professional and very helpful. She contacted me as I had posted my resume on Indeed as she had a position that she felt would appeal to me and she was right with her expertise and my drive I got the job. Thanks Liz I will for sure recommend you to all my friends seeking new employment.

Broker Candidate

I had been looking for a new job for a few months when I applied for a job posted on indeed that was through My Insurance Recruiter. I applied for the position on a Monday night and the next day I received a call from Sue. She was extremely helpful and very friendly. She actually seemed interested and excited about finding me a new job. Within one hour of my phone conversation with her, she had already booked me in for 2 interviews at 2 different places!!!! Sue sent me an email with tips on how to succeed in the interview and even checked in with me and the company after the interview! Within 48 hours I had an interview and an offer made to me! I accepted the new position and am super excited about my new journey!!!! If it weren’t for Sue’s help I would have never found this job!!!!

“It has been a great experience working with Liz Gilthorpe and My Insurance Recruiter. Liz has made it easy to make sure that our needs are met and will keep on using Liz for her Expertise and ease of doing business.”
—Sam J. Ciccolini. C.M., O.Ont., C.O.S.S.M. It.

“If you truly care about your career and your professional growth then you need to contact Liz Gilthorpe at My Insurance Recruiter and use their talent to find you the right home.

I am so grateful to Liz for really listening, paying attention and matching my skills with the best organization to meet my goals.

They recognize talent. Isn’t it time for them to discover yours?

Give them a call. Best career decision I’ve ever made!”
—J.N RIBO Senior Commercial Account Manager,Toronto On.

“My experience with My Insurance Recruiter has only been positive, from the time I applied for a position to the time I started, Liz took me through the process step by step. I will recommend Liz to my insurance friends and colleagues. She is professional and understands.”
—Samantha, Commercial Account Manager

“I was very happy with Liz. She helped guide me in the right direction while I was looking for employment. She listened to me and more than met my needs.
I appreciated all her hard work as my end result was a great job doing what I enjoy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a job in insurance. They will be more than satisfied.
Thanks for everything Liz!”
—Kelly Bonenfant, RIBO

“Liz is a very detail oriented professional that is hard working and tenacious. Liz knows the insurance industry very well and knows the needs and desires of her clients.

Liz did an excellent job helping me to find and apply for my current position. She was very organized and prompt and provided me with many useful tips on interviewing.

Thank you so much for all the time, energy and inspiration for launch my career.”
—Rain Liang RIBO
Richmond Hill

Hi Terry,
Just a quick side note – Thank you so much for your help. I truly appreciate it. I did even if there was no positive news. It is very stressful and difficult to get into today’s job market, especially with little experience in your field. This has been so stress-free and for that, I thank you. There are not many people who genuinely have a candidates best interest in mind, but with you, it definitely shows you do.
Thanks again for being on my team!
Ashleigh (January 9th 2018)

“Liz is great to deal with. She was very professional, responsive, and understood my needs. I will be sure to use My Insurance Recruiter’s services again. I would also recommend her to other brokerages looking to utilize a recruiting company”
—Bonnie Grys, President
Toronto, Ont.